Mystery Guest

Mystery Guest in your hotel?

Why use a ‘mystery guest’? It’s a known fact that many of your potentially lucrative customers, the professionals in their discipline, will not waste their time complaining – a few might try a tentative word to a member of your staff - but if the ‘computer says no!’ face appears then they simply about turn and take their business else where!

What will you ever know about losing that customer?

The customer has taken their business and gone – did your employee mention anything, more worryingly, did that member of staff understand the consequence of the moment … were they even aware that a ‘moment’ had just been and gone, forever?

How many ‘moments’ do you have?

Maybe it is about time you quantified these ‘moments’.

Has your business plan taken into account these ‘interactions’?

No matter how developed your marketing and business plans are they can be disrupted and damaged by the day to day interaction of your staff members and customers. Do your employees realise that they are all ambassadors to the business and its ultimate success? Don’t let employee indifference, or worse, ignorance, detract from your business reputation. Our mystery guest feedback can add value to your business! It can identify your employee skills gap, business interaction issues and focus valuable training and development resources.